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Toddi Reed presents: Sax'n Chill House

Toddi Reed's new album is available.

His first long play, "Sexy and Smooth Saxophone chillout lounge" is a constant seller, and he brings it again with his soulful, sexy twist, reflected in the long play "Sax n’ Chill House", a mixture of deep house vibes, warm soulful vocals by legendary dance vocalist Terri B!, and of course his blazing sax. This collection of original compositions is one that is here to stay. Brilliant music for any mood and a delight to the ears. Toddi Reed is bringin’ the Sax.

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Toddi Reed & Saxophon House live set

Toddi Reed ist ein ausgebildeter Tenor-Saxophonist. Er arbeitete unter anderem in Musikstudios (Edo Zanki Bruchsal, Michael Chamboss-Frankfurt, Toni Cottura Hamburg) als Saxophonist und Keyboarder und spielte live zusammen in vielen Formationen u.a. als Supportact von Tower of Power, Incognito, Candy Dulfer.

Im Club hat Toddi als Live Saxophonist mit vielen DJs und Live PAs zusammengearbeitet. Sein extrem eigener rauchiger und lauter Sound am Sax, seine Bühnenpräsenz, seine Erfahrung und seine Vielseitigkeit machen Toddi zu einem gefragten House-Saxophonisten der Extraklasse. Er war zuletzt live in Köln (Vanity), in der Türkei (Hedkandi Tour), in Moskau (CLUB The Opera) und auf der AIDA als Gastkünstler unterwegs.

Toddi produziert zur Zeit in seinem Studio in Hamburg ein Saxophone Deep House & Dance Album. Sein aktuelles Saxophone Chillout Album heißt "Sexy and smooth Saxophone Chillout Lounge", mit dem Toddi viel Aufsehen im Lounge Genre erregt hat.

Ob zu extremen Electrobeats, zu Minimal House, zu Dance, zu jazzigen chill sounds, zu Soul und RnB tracks - Toddi Reed's Saxophone ist die optimale Ergänzung zu einer DJ oder Live PA Performance.


Toddi Reed (Torsten Abrolat) Saxophonist, Produzent, Songwriter, Keyboarder

"My Saxophone is my passion!"

Toddi Reed is a trained tenor saxophonist, who began his career working in several noteable german Music studios, Edo Zanki Bruchsal, Michael Chamboss-Frankfurt, Toni Cottura Hamburg, D.O.N.S. Hamburg, as saxophonist and keyboardist honing his production skills. With live performances in various formations i.e as support act for tower of power, Incognito, Candy Dulfer he landed national recognition in the jazz and soul genre.

Toddi has been highlighted as saxophonist for some of the biggest deejays, live artist and dance label events . Touring with award winning house singer Terri B! , Hed kandi label parties, he has appeared in prestigious clubs such as The Opera, Moscow and The 360 Istanbul. His unique smooth, brazen sax sound is only highlighted even more by his warm-soulful stage presence. His experience and flexibility make toddi a hot commmodity and a highly requested House-Saxophonist of the highest level.

Toddi is currently in production in his Hamburg based studio, on a Saxophone and Electronic Dance Music Album. His current Saxophone Chillout album "Sexy and smooth Saxophone Chillout Lounge" is available on itunes for download. Whether its extreme electro-beats, minimal house, Dance, or jazzy chill sounds, Toddi Reed's sax is an dynamic supplement to a DJ or live PA Performance.

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